Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Growing followers of Jesus to impact the world for God’s Glory.

Our Vision

  • We hold vibrant gathering times of both worship and quality teaching.
  • We have intentional times of development to equip people with the tools they need to have significant lives.
  • We engage in local service opportunities while sending and supporting global missions efforts.
  • We facilitate intimate life groups where people grow deep in their faith.
  • We bring real solutions to real problems in the immediate area and in the city of Atlanta.
  • We intentionally invest in college students while building relationships with the local schools and universities.
  • We create a bridge between the college campus and the community.

Our Dreams

  • We attract viable businesses and commerce into the West End/Vine City area.
  • We plant churches in other urban areas with high collegiate populations.
  • We create innovative ways of doing ministry that can be a template for other churches.
  • We lift the quality of living and overall esteem of the community.
  • We care for those who are enslaved physically, financially, and intellectually.
  • We equip next generation leaders to have strategic impact in areas of influence.