Gather-Grow-Go is a simple way of explaining our church strategy. We also emphasize and integrate the 5 New Testament Purposes of Worship, Evangelism, Fellowship, Discipleship & Ministry in our strategy.


We come together in community to celebrate our amazing God, learn from one another, foster opportunities for accountability, and engage with our community. We are a family of believers who value one another, and we know that we can do more together than apart. We create dynamic worship gatherings that encourage, uplift, and challenge people to pursue God-honoring lives.


We endeavor to mature in the word of God. We want to see the world from a Biblical outlook and put it into practice. We create spiritual growth opportunities that allow us to live “life on life”. We value both discipleship and modeling as a means to develop authentic, relevant followers of Jesus Christ.


We believe that evangelism is necessary in the lives of all followers of Jesus. The Great Commission instructs us to spread the gospel both locally and globally. We are always on mission whether in our families, neighborhoods, business settings, or other countries.